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Freya is a sculptor and florist who lives and works in London. 

Using her unique skills as an artist, she creates floral accompaniments for parties, weddings and events, as well as creating weekly arrangements seen in various venues across London. She established Wild Abundance in 2015 after finishing her Masters degree at the Royal College of Art.   


Each Wild Abundance floral installation we create is completely unique.   We handpick the most exquisite blooms to design beautiful, seasonal creations for weddings and events and can also deliver flowers arrangements directly to your home or commercial space. Created in response to your tastes and décor, each arrangement is provided in its own vase that compliments the surroundings, adding a burst of colour, fragrance and delight to any room they are placed in.


We also offer garden design and maintenance around Greater London, as well as a service supplying house plants. 




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